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Help the Birthmark Doula Collective

LaToya Ruby Frazier shot this photo of the Birthmark Doulas last fall.

Many of you have asked to learn more about Latona Giwa, the doula who helped Simone Landrum through pregnancy, childbirth and after in my New York Times Magazine article, The Hidden Toll. (If you missed the story, read it here.)

Latona became interested in birthwork as a sociology major at Grinnell College in Iowa. After graduation, she moved to New Orleans, and co-founded Birthmark seven years ago with another social-justice minded doula, Dana Keren. Now, to be part of the collective, doulas must agree that for every paying client the group offers free services for women and families who can't afford to pay. To learn more, visit Birthmark's site. These doulas put caring back in healthcare and need our support to do their important work. So hit the DONATE button!

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